Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mobile Development

I just started this blog to post all kind of things relating to, yeah surprisngly, mobile development. It was always an interest of me and lately I started getting more into the whole mobile/app development world. So the goal is to share current projects and ideas with you guys to get some feedback.

At the moment I'm thinking I would love to create an app of my last game "Refugee" I started developing last year. I will keep you updated on this one. You can check out the mobile version here in my GameDev by Mats Blog:



  1. Hey Mats, would love to see your game on mobile - in fact you could have just carried on blogging on the same blog from the mobile class - then others could easily see the earlier development - and your professional persona would be less fragmented ... perhaps merge the two?

    1. Yeah but I thought that the name of my old blog "GameDev" wouldn't really fit for the coming stuff so I created a new one. But I guess this one could also contain the old one, I will check if there is a convenient merge function in blogger